Hi! We’re an Australian born, travel loving family of three who have a great appreciation for good booze, tasty food and groovy tunes.

We met in our teens as Navy Cadets, lost touch for a couple of decades and the power of social media reunited us some 20-odd years later. Engaged in Kyoto, Japan in 2014, we tied the knot and had a get-out-of-town party in our backyard the following year.

We once talked about buying a boat in our retirement and doing what so many plan to do with that free time – become grey nomads of the ocean. Out of interest we began looking at second hand boats and started hearing all the untold stories and reasons people were selling their “dream boats”. That was the clincher, let’s do it while we’re young, fit and healthy – and a great environment for our young daughter (presently 2yo) to grow up and experience what the world has to offer. We’ve sold up and bought our 46ft sail boat – such an exhilarating experience. Now we’re prepping for an ‘off grid’, simpler and happier life and very much looking forward to it!